Cory John Scozzari

Cory John Scozzari (b. 1988, Florida) is a curator, artist and writer. He is the founding director of Cordova, a curatorial project initiated in 2016 in Vienna, currently located in Barcelona and in residence at Fundacio Antoni Tapies. He was Managing Director and Curator at Veronika Gyòcsi Collection, a collection of Soviet and Post-Soviet Art formed from the late 70’s through the late 90’s.  From 2015-2019 he worked as curator at Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21) in Vienna, Prague and Madrid. He was a founding member and co-director of Jupiter Woods, London/Vienna from 2014–16. He has edited / co-edited three publications: Tyler Coburn: Richard Roe, Allan Sekula: OKEANOS and Mario García Torres: An Arrival Tale, all published by TBA21 and Sternberg Press. He received his MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths in 2015, and BFA in Photography and Art History from SCAD in 2010. Recent curatorial residencies include HIAP in Helsinki in 2018 and SOMA in Mexico City in 2019. His writing and criticism has appeared in online and print publications such as Rhizome, Mousse, Spike and Texte Zur Kunst.



Curator, Aria Dean: Studio Parasite, Cordova, Barcelona


Curator, Calabash Kids: PANHUMANO, Cordova, Barcelona

Curator, Mere Skyn, CAPC, Bordeaux

 Curator, Jaakko Pallasvuo: Tiny furniture 2, Cordova, Barcelona 


 Curator, Dovetail II, Cordova, Barcelona 

 Curator, Tau Lewis and Patty Kelly:I heard a heartbeat down in the blackhole, Cordova, Barcelona

Curator, Joel Dean and Toni Hervas, SWAB, Barcelona

Curator, Pin Hui Chen: low fresh water flow, Cordova, Barcelona 

Curator, Pepo Salazar: Trace or Save 20% (Igual y Rival), Cordova, Barcelona 

Curator, Joel Dean: Perfectamundo, Cordova, Barcelona 

Curator, Claudia Pages: Gleaners > Extraccion, Paris Internationale, Paris 

Curator, Tyler Coburn: Richard Roe, TBA21, Prague & Madrid 


Curator, Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho in collaboration with Harry Burke: Hopes and dreams for the future, Cordova, Barcelona

Curator, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Anni Puolakka, Tarwuk and Viktor Timofeev: HAPPINESSART-O-RAMA, Marseille

Curator, Sgaire Wood: Puppy Love, Cordova, Barcelona 

Curator, Return to The Sea Symposium MOMAD, Dubrovnik

Curator, Lonely Boys and Battle Ax: Vilgefortis, Cordova, Barcelona 

Curator, Raul Paez: Enemy, Cordova, Barcelona 

Curator, Siera Hyte: Honey Week, Cordova, Barcelona 

Curator, Lewis Teague Wright, TOYOTA00, Cordova, Barcelona 


 Curator, Crater, Lydia Ourhamane and Miguel Fernandez de Castro, Veda, Florence 

Curator, Holly White, ORANGE WORLD, Cordova, Barcelona 

 Curator, Mohammed Abd Alwasi: The Memory of Hunger, Cordova, Barcelona 

Curator, Mathis Gasser: WORLD GUARDS, Cordova, Barcelona 

Curator, Sanna Helena Berger: Vienna, Cordova, Vienna 

Curator, Felix Melia: Public Displays of AffectionCordova, Vienna 

Co-Curator, Allan Sekula: OKEANOS TBA21, Vienna 

Curator, Allan Sekula: From the panorama to the detail, Symposium, TBA21, Vienna 

Curator w/ Filipa Ramos, Sekula beyond Sekula Film Program TBA21, Vienna 

Curator, Megan Rooney: Hullabaloo Cordova, Vienna 

 Curator, ArgumentsOnyeke Igwe, Ed Lehan and Georgie Nettell, Cordova, Vienna


 Curator, Emily Jones: News From Nowhere, Cordova, Vienna

Curator, Carlos Reyes: Fashion Cafe, Cordova, Vienna

Curator, Rob Chavasse: Braids, JupiterWoods, Vienna

Assistant Curator, The Forgotten Space Seminar TBA21, Lopud 

Co-Curator, that a body knows regardless, Interstate Projects, New York

Assistant Curator, Ephemeroptera, TBA21, Vienna

Curator, Jala Wahid: Promise Me, JupiterWoods, Vienna

Assistant Curator, Mario Garcia Torres: An Arrival Tale TBA21, Vienna

Curator, Georgie Nettell & Morag Keil : The Fascism Of Everyday Life, JupiterWoods, Vienna

Curator, Viktor Timofeev: SAZARUS I, JupiterWoods, Vienna

Co-Curator, Resident/ Longshore Drift, Sorbus, Helsinki

 Curator, Josip Novosel: Opportunism, JupiterWoods, Vienna


 Curator, Jaakko Pallasvuo: Watercolour Hair Quest, JupiterWoods, Vienna

Curator, Sanna Helena Berger: a rangeJupiterWoods, London

Co-Curator, Jaakko Pallasvuo: Song, JupiterWoods, London

Curator, Chris Lux: Postcards…from the Museum of Gas, Interstate Projects, New York

Curator, DISTANCES, JupiterWoods, London 

Curator, Leslie Kulesh & Sæmundur Þór Helgason: Vanity Fair/ Demo Mode, Project Native Informant, London 

 Co-Curator, Viktor Timofeev: Proxyah, JupiterWoods, London


 Curator, Chris Lux: Sometimes I say hey, hey Mark, JupiterWoods London

Co-Curator, Emily Jones: First Water To Tripoli, JupiterWoods, London

 Co-Curator, Mycological Twist, JupiterWoods, London

Curator, Mild Translations, JupiterWoods, London